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"NO FEAR" (2013) the untold story of Marcus Garvey and the man who brought him down, J. Edgar Hoover.

"PRAGUE" (2013) when everyone in your world turns against you.

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Released in the summer of 2010, "Bushwick" enjoyed a limited run and was reviewed by New York Magazine and featured in several other media outlets like the New York Daily News, The Brazil Times and the Filipino Reporter. Its trailer has been seen by over a million viewers from around the world and has over 10 thousand fans on Facebook. With the murder and investigation of a runaway Mexican-American teen in the down-and-out town of Bushwick, Brooklyn, Det. John Mejia must see that justice is done. Currently, awaiting release to VOD and DVD.

BUSHWICK (2010) Producer: Luis Landivar

Director: Luis Landivar

Writer: Luis Landivar

Cast: Diego Kelman Ajuz, Yanillys Perez, Edgar Caraballo, Erika Robel, Harvey Kaufman, Andrea Leigh, Matthew McCurdy, Geri McKeon

Film Library


Hollywood, CA, 04/25/10 - On Saturday April 24, 2010, a "Stray Cat in Brooklyn" was a winner at The Los Angeles Cinema Festival of Hollywood (LACFH). The LACFH provides independent filmmakers with the opportunity to have their work recognized, judged and awarded by Hollywood producers, directors and financiers. Awards were offered in nine different categories. a "Stray Cat in Brooklyn" won the Award of Merit - Feature Film category.

Winner of the New York International Film and Video - "Best Drama 2005." As an independent entertainment production company, Land Varied International, LLC is committed to increasing our partnerships, contacts and distribution network. We look forward to hearing from investors, artists, agents, actors, and other entertainment professionals.


Rights Available: All, Worldwide

Producer: Luis Landivar 

Director: Jose Landivar

Writers: Luis Landivar, Jose Landivar

Cast: Shevy Berk, Katherine Jameson, and Joey Cioffi

Set in the trendy up-and-coming neighborhood of Williamsburg, Brooklyn, "A Stray Cat in Brooklyn" is the story of a loner's last attempt to stand up to his older brother and to make a meaningful connection with the girl-next-door. This character-driven drama is a passionate love story, a reflection on sibling rivalry, and an exploration of grief and abandonment.